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FPV setup for versacopter


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I just ordered a fat shark predator bundle for my versacopter, and my question is how exactly do I set it up? To power the video transmitter, do I need to solder a connector to my distribution board or can I run it off my balance plug on my flight battery? I have some small connectors laying around I could use but I'm worried about the wires being too short. My second question is: what's a good way to mount the camera? I already have a GoPro on board for filming and don't know where to put the board cam... Should I use adhesive or something like that?

This is the bundle I got

Thanks in advance for the help!!
I bought the camera plate for the Versacopter and those vibration dampening bobbins. Worked great as shown in the FT photo at the store and in one of the articles. The FPV camera is slung under the plate and attached with double-sided sticky foam tape. The go-pro knock-off camera is mounted on top of he plate with both velcro underneath and a velcro strap. I connected my FPV transmitter to aux power by soldering a jst connector to aux power on main board (versacopter plate). I can turn off FPV transmitter by unplugging the little connector which sits on top of copter. The camera just connects to the transmitter with the plug it comes with (looks like a servo plug).


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The vtx appears to be one of these...


If so then it says it can run off a 2s-6s LiPo (6v – 25v) so so you should be able to power it from your main battery assuming that is in the range, 2s to 6S. If you want to use the balance connector you would connected it to the 2 outermost sockets making sure you get the polarity correct. Best to measure with a volt meter.

That said you may be better off powering it from a regulated/filtered supply since there maybe noise on the battery line that causes video interference. http://blog.oscarliang.net/250-mini-quad-part-list-fpv/#powerfilter. Try it without first if it's easier and see how it goes.


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Well I've been flying with this system for a few days now. Way Better than I expected. I've heard 5.8 ghz can't go behind trees and walls, but I'm able to go behind multiple at once and have no issue at all. The range is what really amazed me though. I'm able to go from my yard to a few neighborhoods over. I've yet to experience really any staticky image yet, it's all solid all the time. I have no idea what the range is because I'll get so far away I won't want to go any farther because I don't want to get lost! I didn't think there was any way this would give me the range it does. Absolutely blew me away


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All I did for my FPV camera was to mount it using wire ties and sandwiching between the boom mounting plates. It provides nice vibration reduction and is very flexible in a crash which may save the camera. as far as power for it all I tied the supplied wire harness with a hardwired battery alarm and pull power direct from the Balance con on the battery.

If you look closely you can see the balance port connector mounted in the upper plate that was supplied with the camera kit as well as the hardwired battery alarm mounted on the side of the quad. If you save the pic and open it where you can zoom in you can see the cable tie method for mounting the camera. As for a go pro.. I cant see ever mounting one to a race quad. I made a mount for a tiny 720p cube camera which would work great for a low profile Mobius as well that has angle adjustment and does not act like trying to fly with a billboard mounted on the hood.

Versa Lft no Lgt.jpg