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Buddy Code: ImmersionRC 5.8Ghz Audio/Video Transmitter 600mw. Ends 4-16-13

I just purchased one of these, here is a buddy code if you are interested.. Hey, a couple bucks to buy more props.. ;)

This is good until 3-16-13 then ends.
Hope this saves you some $$... Hawkskyflier

BuddyPrice Code
Want to get a refund of $3.20 for this product?
Send the code below to any of your friends, and if they use the code when adding the item to their cart they will pay only $66.79 plus you will get a refund of $3.20!

Just copy the code above and send it to your friends!
Your friends must create an account and be logged in to use the code.

we have a whole forum thread dedicated to buddy codes.


Welcome to the forum mate :)