1. chris398mx

    Help! Fiberglassing Foamboard Airplanes

    Flitetest put out a video a few weeks ago about fiberglassing over the foamboard to make the plane much stronger, crash damage resistant and waterproof. I have been wanting to try it, but they did not give very much information about what materials to buy or where to get them. I thought they...
  2. Crawford Bros. Aeroplanes

    Dive Test- Using Foamboard to Build Ships- 1:96 USS Dallas SSN-700

    This is a project that I've wanted to tackle for a while- an RC submarine. I know this isn't a plane but here me out- this is Flitetest related I assure you. The issue with building a submarine was the difficulty of scratch building a hull coupled with the high cost of a reliable dive system-...
  3. M

    Help! Painting Fiberglass fuse

    When i paint my fiber-glass fuse, the paint and primer starts to bubble up. Any idea why. I used normale water based spackle. And epoxy resin
  4. Spanky_Gazpacho

    Fiberglass Firewall

    Trying my hand at building a big slow foam board plane. 5ft wingspan and about 3ft long w/ a weird hybrid split v tail section that I made up. I've got the majority of the air frame built and I'm waiting on the motor and ESC to show up. I got to the part of construction where I needed to worry...
  5. Jart - Lost Foam Fuselage - Second Layer Glass and Carbon

    Jart - Lost Foam Fuselage - Second Layer Glass and Carbon

    On the first layer i did a couple days ago i 77'd the inside of the cloth. It sticks really well, actually let me wrap the fiberglass around the edges, so th...
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  11. HilldaFlyer

    Glassed Viggen

    Hi everyone, I good friend of mine gave me a FT Viggen for Christmas. I've been too busy to get to it, but if it is anything like the FT-18, it will need support in the wings to make it durable. So, I'm going to start my build and document my process here. Please follow along.