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first flight

  1. B

    First electronics, first scratch build, first crash

    Hi Guys, I just had my first experience building and trying to make it fly. I've been watching FliteTest videos for months now and would like to thank them for making the R/C plane hobby more approachable. My plan is to scratch build the FT Flyer and learn from there but i got impatient waiting...
  2. VertigoFlyer

    First Flight

    Hey folks, M Horizon Hobby Sport Cub S arrived yesterday along with a Spektrum Dx6i transmitter. I was able to get the binding and the configuring done easily. I verified here at home that all the flight surfaces worked as intended and that the prop spun up. I did a bit of taxiing in our little...
  3. BanditJacksRC

    FT Simple Storch.. First Build - First RC Flight - First Forum Post.. EVER!

    First build, first flight, first forum post! I have never built or flown any RC plane before, but wanted to get into the hobby. I came across FT after doing some research online, and like many others I immediately was infatuated with the Foam Board planes. I decided to build a Vans RV-10 from...
  4. JohnRambozo

    First Successful Day with the FT Spit

    There are a lot of firsts going on here. My first post on the FT forums about my first successful day flying my first R/C plane, the FT Spitfire. I say first 'successful' flight because today was the day I flew without breaking anything. The first two attempts had some interesting results...
  5. OrcaSea

    FT 22 v.2: Frustrating first flight(s) HELP!

    Greetings, I had a frustrating evening with my new FT 22. It was a clear day, very light, steady winds. The FT22 was built using the quick build kit as a template. I used the 'small' Hex 24gr. motor and 9 gram servos with a Turnigy 9X radio and Turnigy 3-channel receiver and a Rhino 610...
  6. M

    electric 18 rotor two-seater first flight by radio control

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a34E4FaOqP8 http://www.e-volo.com/
  7. L

    First steps, or crashes...

    So I bought myself a HK Tuff Trainer as a first plane. What could go wrong right? Well after I bought the plane I found a bunch of threads about the problems with the machine. Well I have it now so I will persist with it for the time being. So I shall detail my experiences with it here...
  8. A

    My first flight with FT Versa!

    -------------------- If I did something wrong its becasue 101 thread redirects me to this empty page, so please be gentle about my post :) http://flitetest.com/forum/misc.php?do=showrules -------------------- It was really fun! and here is the video; This is a cut-down version but the...
  9. F

    Just got my first Quadcopter :) Dynam RC 6 Channel Quadcopter

    its a Nitroplanes - Dynam RC 6 Channel Quadcopter Video Link of first flights!... http://youtu.be/4VJCo_qy1lE