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FT Simple Storch.. First Build - First RC Flight - First Forum Post.. EVER!

First build, first flight, first forum post!

I have never built or flown any RC plane before, but wanted to get into the hobby. I came across FT after doing some research online, and like many others I immediately was infatuated with the Foam Board planes.

I decided to build a Vans RV-10 from scratch, but knew I needed some type of trainer before I took the RV to the skies. I thought the FT Simple Storch would be perfect. I didn't want to purchase the speed build kit for my first plane, so I decided to build everything from the Free Build Plans. I printed out the plans at work, taped all the 8.5" X 11" paper sheets together, taped to the foam board and started cutting!
After 3 or 4 days of building when I could after work, it was all ready to go!

Unfortunately I didn't take any picture of the build process, or what the FT Storch had looked like prior the maiden, but it really looked pretty good for not using a speed build kit.

Anyways, I was able to keep her up for about 3 or 4 minutes before I started getting more confident and my pattern slowly sank from "a few mistakes high" to about 15-20 ft. A pretty good gust of wind took her down and gave her a pretty good nose dive into the ground!

Here is the outcome! I believe my next project is going to be a 200% Old Fogey!
I love to build anything and everything, and plan to become a strong link in the FT chain over the next few years.
Please let me know what you think!


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Awesome and welcome to the club. FT is addictive for sure and you did a great job with your first airplane Hope to see you around her a lot!


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Nice work Banditjack, your first flight sounds pretty good to me. 3-4 minutes before the enthusiasm exceeds the skill is a lot better than I managed when I started a year ago. every flight is a battle between caution and exhilaration, that is why it is so addictive. One great thing about FT planes is the crashes are not budget breaking tragedies, they are just opportunity for more building.
every flight is a battle between caution and exhilaration, that is why it is so addictive. QUOTE]

Well said!

The local hobby shop has a simulator, and I try to get in at least 5-10 min whenever i have a couple extra minutes while picking up a part here and there, but I did a little betther than I expected as well.

I have the plane all fixed up (as best as possible) and plan to take her up again this evening.

Hopefully I can get some video to post.