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My first flight with FT Versa!


If I did something wrong its becasue 101 thread redirects me to this empty page, so please be gentle about my post :)



It was really fun! and here is the video;

This is a cut-down version but the original flight was about a FULL minute! What an awesome hobby! ;)

I've already lost about 10 props by now :)

This was my first off-simulation flight ever!
Thanks for your comment! The previous attempts were just direct crashes upon launch... The 4th launch is this one and this time there was wind and it helped a lot! Then I've realized that my previous launch speeds was too low... Now I have a bigger motor (since this one has a bent axle now :) ) and launch is much easier... I think versa is pretty much a stable plane though...


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Great job! I was in the very same situation (with the Bloody Wonder) just a few months ago, so this video made me smile, because I know exactly how you feel. Congrats on a successful maiden. You think its fun now? Man, it only gets better.