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    Need help: Miniquad hard to control after flips

    I recently finished my first quad build. When flying and turning at a medium speed, it works great. Tiny little bouncebacks when I quick roll to either side, but I'm slowly tuning that out. My main problem is when I go to do front flips or back flips. It sometimes will flip over, so that it is...
  2. N

    First quad unexpected acrobatics. (Magic smoke/broken arms)

    Hey guys, Been lurking the forums for a few days, yall have a great community. Flitetest is one of my favorite youtube channels… often catch myself watching flying toasters and insect-like rubber band planes slowly circle around the room when I should be sleeping. (I also want Josh to drop...
  3. 1

    QAV Flips and Rolls and Fun

    This is me messing around my house having some fun hope you enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyTmYvm2mso
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    First Multirotor Problems, I'm New at This

    kk2.1 board e-flite Park 300 1380kv motors Turnigy Multistar 15amp ESCs Spektrum dx6i transmitter and AR600 receiver Anyrotor kit from the fabulous Flite Test guys # Tricopter -TGY375DMG Metal gear digital servo -Props mounted using built in prop savers on motors and o rings -Flips every time...