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QAV Flips and Rolls and Fun


Senior Member

cool place to fly im jealous.. a little bit of everything to practice your pilot skillz.
however, i think i would probably pay the 70.00 for that locator thing you can buy.. i know id lose my toy in that tall grass. heh. but im cheap, so i guess id just train my dog to find it. :D

Very cool dude.
Awesome flying spot, if that's your house I will never bother to go any ware els...lol
Whar fpv gear are you running?
This is the set up
QAV250 G10
Tiger Motor - MN1804 2400KV

FPV Gear
Fatshark 250mw Transmitter
Fat Shark antenna
ImmersionRC Uno 5.8GHz
CMOS 600TVL Fixed Camera
8 Inch ReadyMadeRC LCD FPV Monitor
Thanx for posting you setup.
Its quite impressive that you didn't get (or did you) get allot of video breakup flying through and around those thick trees.
I didn't get much break up in the video when I was flying. You should watch my other YouTube videos and watch a video that I am going to put up were I am doing some proximity flying in some trees
Well I don't have a DVR but I might be able to get a cell phone or something to let you see the fpv view and I put that video up