Need help: Miniquad hard to control after flips


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I recently finished my first quad build. When flying and turning at a medium speed, it works great. Tiny little bouncebacks when I quick roll to either side, but I'm slowly tuning that out. My main problem is when I go to do front flips or back flips. It sometimes will flip over, so that it is upside down, upon completing the roll, which I'll then have to correct for. More times its not as severe and it will just dip to the roll side.

Is this a tune thing? Or is it something completely different. I'm just not getting that feeling of being in complete control of my quad, which is limiting my flights quite considerably. Thanks in advance for any help!


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I am not exactly picturing in my head what you are trying to describe but it sounds like the standard new pilot combination of rates a pids.

To tune a quad you need to be comfortable with the rates you fly. Usually around 850 - 1000 degree per second rotational rate is good. Then you can smooth the center sticks out with Expo. Then once you have that you can start tuning pids.

Watch these two videos. They will surely help you get tuned better.