flite test crew

  1. CatholicFlyer

    To The Star Wars Fans of The Flite Test Team! Build & Race The Podracers!

    If you notice the engines, turbine jets and edf fans. I say large scale should be fun and also FPV, fly it at your golf course under the trees, over the trees and around the trees. That would be a blast!
  2. CatholicFlyer

    Continuation Of The Idea of Peter To Attach Planes Together

    I saw a plane that has the idea of Peter where they attach two planes together, called the Stratolaunch. This huge double plane is still in testing, as a new way to launch space shuttles from the Stratus Phere, but if you could take the idea of Peter, where he attached those three small planes...
  3. CatholicFlyer

    More Info On Go-Cart Idea For Flite Test

    This was amazing to receive a reply from Stefan, " Stefan replied Jul 30, 11:48am Hey AJ! Thanks for the awesome idea! Ill shoot it to the crew and see their thoughts! Blessings, Stefan Ordo Militaris Radio sent a message Jul 13, 1:19pm Hey, been watching your videos and there is...
  4. CatholicFlyer

    Wacky Challenge, Flying Couch

    @flitetest Stefan, Josh, the entire team, just re-watched the Flying Chair, I have a challenge for you, a 3 seater Lazy Boy Couch! Now, it is heavy, but easily pushed, for the maiden flight, use some sort of life size dummies and the racing seat belt harnesses, it must be RC Controlled, but safe...
  5. N

    Boat Props to make a plane or multirotor fly!

    Pretty self explanitory, replace regular aircraft props with RC boat props!
  6. M

    FLITE TEST CREW CHALLENGE: Simple Delta Ray Upgrade

    It seems this challenge/request has been lingering around for a while in various parts of the Internet: How can a relative newbie to the hobby upgrade the Delta Ray so that it has more power and a longer flight time, without giving up SAFE or doing some complex overhaul? This has been...