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@flitetest Stefan, Josh, the entire team, just re-watched the Flying Chair, I have a challenge for you, a 3 seater Lazy Boy Couch! Now, it is heavy, but easily pushed, for the maiden flight, use some sort of life size dummies and the racing seat belt harnesses, it must be RC Controlled, but safe enough for a three persons to fly in and on, it would make an epic Flite Fest Entrance. Also on this lazy boy couch, the foot rests are part of the couch, so the feet won't be hanging off like a roller coaster, but straight out. Good luck, God Speed, Fly Safe and Comfortable.
If one ever looked in the insides of the couch when flipped over while carrying it into the house, the frame is robust, only weak thing is the footrests that are held on with a bar on each side. You could easily take the cloth off the couch, mount onto the frame the componets for the engine, which would be robust enough to lift the couch off safely and then have enough thrust to move it around. I think for the thrust to lift off, create a rotor motor for a huge RC Chopper and do a chopper rotor hover take off and then have it move length ways to propel the couch forward. Now at the corners of the couch, where the arm rests are, go straight back and put stabilizer bars, but also either rudders or flaps to help in the process. For the rudder to turn the couch, will need a huge rudder, I was thinking when the lift portion is down, it lowers into place for a normal plane prop to move item forward, have a roll bar system around the engine/prop, and at the end would be either a single large rudder or a double rudder.
Isn't the maximum weight for RC aircraft 55 lbs. or something?
I don't really know, if that is the case, might be out of luck, the Futon is even heavier. I saw the idea of a flying futon on the comments after the flying chair, so if there is a weight limit on what a RC can be, might have to think of something else.