Boat Props to make a plane or multirotor fly!


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Full sized aircraft have flown with screw type props, but to provide any meaningful level of thrust they're gonna need to be much bigger than what you'll find on an RC boat.


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I might not be completely correct on this, but most boat propellers do not have much, if any, of an 'airfoil' on them. They primarily act as a screw twisting thought the water much like a screw twists itself into wood. This works very well as water is much more dense than air. As for airplane propellers, there is definitely an airfoil to each propeller blade, and instead of 'screwing' itself through the air it acts more like a rotary wing providing 'lift' in a forward direction.

I may be possible to affix a screw-type propeller to an airplane, but it would be very inefficient. Propellers are designed for maximum efficiency for the fluid in which they operate.


Air screws

If that type of prop worked, DaVinci would have figured a way to build an engine that moved a lot of air.
Also Helicopters and Gyrocopters are known as rotary WING aircraft, because the blades are actually moving wings.
At least there would be no P-factor with water props.


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According to APC, their multirotor props are basically a "middle ground" between slow fly and thin electric props. They can handle more RPM than slow fly props, but not as much as thin electric. The advantage over thin electric is they are lighter. Obviously they are also available in normal (R) and reverse rotation (RP).