1. FishbonesAir

    Wanted, place to sleep Flitefest 2024

    I'm beginning to plan a way to get to Flitefest 2024. I'm considering taking the train to Alliance OH, which is only 19 miles from Fury Field. I'm hoping I might find someone with a big RV that I could rent a place to stay in for the event to share costs a bit. Then all I have to figure out is...
  2. T

    FliteFest ohio 2022

    I could be blind but i didnt see anywhere for flitefest here. First, why isnt flitefest being held at HQ already?? Second ive been going every year for a bit with my dad, i want to bring my eflight 64mm A-10. I do not really enjoy the runway at the malvern location thats been in the past. Some...
  3. Test Fly RC

    Flite Fest 2021 Website is officially up and flying!

    The Flite Fest 2021 website is here, so now you can register for the event! https://www.flitefest.com/ Who knows maybe this will be another Record breaking event like it was back in 2017! I am going to be there! Who else is going to be there?
  4. foamtest

    Flite Fest 2019 Veterans Airshow

    Flite Fest Ohio Veterans Airshow After the success of FFAS'18 with $680 being raised, I am more than happy to announce another Veterans Airshow for Flite Fest Ohio 2019! Why have an airshow? The men and women in the armed forces of the United States give a lot, and some gave all, to defend...
  5. casedog21

    FliteFest East 2017 - Radio Issues

    I just got back from #FFE2017 and again it was a great experience. This year we had two new guys with us that hadnt been before and they had a great time as well. I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of people, including the five of us that had radio issues at some point during the event...
  6. G

    My FliteFest West 2017 Recap Video

    I had an absolute BLAST at FliteFest West this year. From meeting the crew and all the nice people to flying FPV and entering (and failing) in the final combat, it was a weekend to remember. Please do it again in Cali next year!! (I figured this belonged in the meetups category more than the...
  7. G

    New to the forum, just sayin' hi :)

    New to the forum, just sayin' hi - Check out my YT Vids :) Hey guys, So I've been watching FT on YouTube off-and-on forever (like probably since 2013), but since I'll be going to FliteFest West this year, I figured it'd be a good time to join the forum and see what's up. I'm 17 and live in...
  8. HilldaFlyer

    Mini FliteFest New England April 2016 Edition

    April 9, 2016 - Holden MA In eager anticipation of flying weather, a pack of FT fans gathered to Fun Fly and Combat. The best part was the great time and smiles. I took a few photos - Ken probably took 100’s of photos. I’m hoping he can share the best of the lot. Thanks to all the...
  9. Sammy

    FliteFest 2016, community build suggestion

    I just read this article on Gizmag about the Joby S2 VTOL: http://www.gizmag.com/joby-s2-tilt-rotor-vtol-multirotor-aircraft-concept/40662/. This might be a nice community build project for Peter for the upcoming FliteFest. 16 (!) (av)rotors ánd VTOL, if that's not right up his alley I don't...
  10. jpleaner

    Australian Pilots at Flitefest 2016

    Hi All, I have been trying to contact the Flitetest guys to hopefully get this question answered but to no avail so far. As an Australian RC pinot with MAAA Membership (the Aussie version of the AMA), would I be able to fly at Flitefest 2016?? Cheers Jason
  11. Andre

    090 Plane Gate

    090 Plane Gate Chris and Andre are all over the map with this one. it's a mixed bag of old stories,new stories,products and Q&A questions. Thanks for listening and if you have questions, ideas or suggestions go check out the all things podcasty on the flitetest forum. - See more at: 090 Plane Gate
  12. thenated0g

    Flitefest 2015 questions for those that went last year

    First off i thought my google earth was broke. no mountains! just kidding My best friend and I are planning on flying over to Columbus and renting a small moving truck to use as our "hotel" / tent. We have been discussing what we should and shouldn't bring. So for those that went last year...
  13. Bryonheath

    Flitefest 2014 video

    I and probably every one elese that couldn't make it to flitefest would like it see a video of the awesomeness that is flitetest flite fest 2014
  14. W

    Photos and Instagram

    Hey Guys, If you have any pictures you would like to share and you have an Instagram account, please post them there too and use the hashtag #flitefest . We have created an account called FTAfterhours and have posted a bunch of FliteFest photos if you want to check them out. Have fun and keep...
  15. dholcomb

    So FliteTest How Did We Do?

    I grew up in north Georgia. I have hiked and camped a lot of trails in the southern Appalachian Mountains. The concept of "Taking only pictures and leaving only footprints" is ingrained in me. So FliteTest, how did we do? I sure hope we didn't do anything that would discourage the Fury's from...
  16. themajik1

    Home as well from FF

    Hi all, just wanted to let everyone know I made it home from FliteFest. It was amazing to finally meet a lot of the people that I have talked to here in the forums and on Facebook. Glad to be able to put some faces and names together. All of the people at FliteFest made this event what it was...