1. nOtyRmOm

    How to fly/build an scratch build plane

    So for this project in school i am building a plane. I am pretty good at building, but not flying. Could you people give me some tips.
  2. Y

    Anyone in MD/PA looking to fly?

    Hey guys My name is Mike. Anyone in the MD area who flys? I'm really into flying multi rotors. Line of sight or FPV. I dabble in building the FT airplane kits and attempting to fly them. Modifying or frankensteining a build together is something I'm always working on. Wanted to see if there...
  3. Randy

    New Plane

    I would like to see you guys (Josh and Josh) design a new plane in the Bi-plane category that has a low wing loading, that flies real slow for beginner/intermediate, like a Tiger Moth? Something that can also handle simple aerobatics/airbatic/citabria (get it?) thanks.
  4. flyingdreamz

    Middle Georgia State College Aeronautics Club 2nd Annual Fun Fly

    Middle Georgia State College's Aeronautics Club will have there 2nd Annual Fun Fly April 10th and 11th. Think of this as a pre-SEFF warm up, we will have FPV racing, limbo, streamer combat and Night bowling going on though out the day and night. To fly cost 5 dollars, which goes toward our...
  5. Raptortech


    I'm in a robotics class, and my team has a $1000 budget to build something awesome. Half of us want an ROV (submarine) and half of us want something that flies. The obvious compromise is a machine that can do both. After some discussion and research, it appears that the best way to go about...
  6. D

    Flying My Quad Above the Clouds!

    Precautions were taken into consideration before flying my phantom above the clouds. I am a student pilot. I understand the risk of airspace. I know that the minimum altitude you can fly over our area is 1,000ft agl. Even if someone was flying rural aeria hights (500ft agl) I wouldnt have been...
  7. A


    Hi , im a newbie and this is my first plane. I made this from scratch , (used Depron Sheet instead of dollar tree) My specs : MOTOR : Turnigy L2855-2800 EDF Outrunner (630w) ( its ratted 4s) EDF : change sun 10 blade 70mm Battery : Zippy 3s 2600mah 25 c Esc: 40-50A HK (opto only) I took it for...
  8. R

    Anyone in Lawrenceville GA that wants to fly?

    I'm a long time FliteTest Fan, but just moved back home to GA about 10 months ago. Getting settled a bit (finally) and hoping to find some like minded FliteTester's around. I'm in Lawrenceville GA if anyone is near by and interested in getting together. Send me a message and we'll find some...
  9. zev

    first build, nutball? what transmitter?

    I would like to say that I am a total noob, I have never flown an RC plane, I have no idea about anything, but I am dying to get into the hobby. so I am planing on building a nutball, (good place to start?) and I am unsure as to what transmitter to get. I plan on whatever transmitter I buy I...