first build, nutball? what transmitter?


lumpy member
I would like to say that I am a total noob, I have never flown an RC plane, I have no idea about anything, but I am dying to get into the hobby.

so I am planing on building a nutball, (good place to start?) and I am unsure as to what transmitter to get. I plan on whatever transmitter I buy I will use with my next plane, and the one after that and so on, so I want something of at least a little quality.

at first, I was looking at the HobbyKing hk6s, but I saw that it doesn't accept multiple model storage. is that really a killer feature? or could you live with out it? is it hard to move receiver from plane to plane? after that I started looking at the Tunigy 6xs it can hold up to 6 models (should be enough for a little while :rolleyes:) but I noticed that it doesn't seem to come with a bind plug? (it is not in any of the pictures, nor is it advertised) if so how do I bind it? what transmitter (of these two, or any others) do you recommend? I would like to spend <$50 but if there is some killer feature on a $60 one, I think that I could be persuaded to nudge my price point a bit ;)

one last thing. and about all the other electronics of the build, I am a little worried that I will have no idea what to do with the stuff when it comes. when I get the motor, ESC, battery and servos in the mail, is there some sort of diagram for putting them all together?

thank y'all lovely folks at flite test.