1. JeromeAu

    My Fellow Aussie flyers around Sunshine Coast QLD As I'm moving to Beerwah

    Next month June 2023 I be moving to Beerwah and looking around where are the parks to fly my Fixed Wing and FPV quad drones around there area.Have lived in Redcliffe but due to the rental price going up, I'm not able to afford to live there, so Beerwah going to be my new home as well been new to...
  2. Wheelz

    What happened to the FT Drone series?

    Was looking to get back into drones and was thinking a gremlin but noticed they don't do gremlin builds or any other drone build kits anymore. What happened with those? I loved them back when they first released
  3. Mata2004

    Help! I'm new to rc and I want to get in to FPV to

    Where can I check which FPV frequencies are legal or illegal in Slovenia?
  4. D

    Spots on FPV Video, Especially in lighted or reflective areas

    So I got my FPV system up and running, but I am having an issue. Any where where there is a light or reflection there are Black/Blue/White splotches. What is wrong? Here's a picture for reference.
  5. T

    Fatshark compatibility

    I am new to the hobby and I am really interested in FPV. I want to ease my way into it and maybe take the cheaper side of things first. I definitely want the immersion of goggles and I have been looking at the Fatshark teleporter v5 googles. I also have been looking at the Hyperion mini camera...