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Fatshark compatibility

I am new to the hobby and I am really interested in FPV. I want to ease my way into it and maybe take the cheaper side of things first. I definitely want the immersion of goggles and I have been looking at the Fatshark teleporter v5 googles. I also have been looking at the Hyperion mini camera. I want to use this camera because it is so small. It would work with any size aircraft and has a built in transmitter. I was wondering does anyone know if this camera is easily compatible with the Fatshark. Obviously I'd need a clover leaf antenna for the goggles, but other than that is there anything else I would need. I want to make sure I do it right and this seems like a good place to start.


Cardboard Boy
If your receiver can work on the same band than the camera then you are good and most receivers and transmitter now work on all bands.
Per Fatshark the Teleporters come with a 7 channel receiver module that supports the following 7 channels:

CH1: 5740 MHz CH2: 5760 MHz CH3: 5780 MHz CH4: 5800 Mhz CH5: 5820 MHz CH6: 5840 Mhz CH7: 5860 MHz

The Hyperion camera/vtx comes with a built in transmitter that supports 40 channels:

•Band 1(F): 5740(CH1), 5760(CH2), 5780(CH3), 5800(CH4), 5820(CH5), 5840(CH6), 5860(CH7), 5880(CH8)
•Band 2(E): 5705(CH1), 5685(CH2), 5665(CH3), 5645(CH4), 5885(CH5), 5905(CH6), 5925(CH7), 5945(CH8)
•Band 3(A): 5865(CH1), 5845(CH2), 5825(CH3), 5805(CH4), 5785(CH5), 5765(CH6), 5745(CH7), 5725(CH8)
•Band 4(R): 5658(CH1), 5695(CH2), 5732(CH3), 5769(CH4), 5806(CH5), 5843(CH6), 5880(CH7), 5917(CH8)
•Band 5(B): 5733(CH1), 5752(CH2), 5771(CH3), 5790(CH4), 5809(CH5), 5828(CH6), 5847(CH7), 5866(CH8)

Since the Fatshark channels match up with the Band 1 (F) channels of the Hyperion camera/VTX they will work together.

Have you looked at any other goggles? The Quanum Cyclops goggles come with a 40 channel receiver for half the price. They don't look as cool, but still have a great receiver and solid picture.
Thank you so much for your help. I did look at the cyclops. I have used a friends goggles like that before and I wasn't a huge fan of how they fit on my head and was definitely looking for more of the smaller goggles type product. But it is definitely somthing to think about.