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fpv chase

  1. "Corpse"

    The build begins...

    Ok, just ordered a racing frame for my chase/race quad. This will be my first 5 inch build and I don't have that much $ so I'll have to gradually buy parts for it. Here's the frame. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DSCH5MQ/?tag=lstir-20 I like the look of the frame and the fact that it has a...
  2. CheckMySix

    Not pretty or exceptional but day 2 of FPV fun and games.

    Just some mostly scale flying out at ASU west. Pretty cool 12yr old kid chasing me in his quad. Darn good little pilot. Not sure if I like him or hate him lol. Eh...he's a good kid. Recorded on my fatshark recon2 (my entry level rig) using his camera as he was under the hood so to speak. Dig...
  3. FPVAirCombat

    FPV Dogfight with Head-tracker in a Spitfire... a Journey to get there

    Though there are many FPV flyers, I am surprised that very few of them have taken an interest in flying from the cockpit of a scale plane with head-tracking to imitate the experience of flying a real airplane (sans G forces). Flying from onboard FPV perspective makes some challenges that were...
  4. FPVAirCombat

    My son is my wingman!

    Over the years, I have taught my son (since he was 8 yrs old) to fly RC planes using a buddy box off and on . Last year, he finally soloed a plane (at age 13) but instead caught the bug on flying quad copters. He quickly advanced through tiny whoops, 3in quads then 5in free style quads. And...
  5. FPVAirCombat

    Scale FPV Dogfight with Gun Sight and Head Tracker

    Ultra realistic dogfight FPV footage from scale Spitfire cockpit with reflector gun sight and head tracking camera. We want to explore more complex aerial combat maneuvers with this awesome setup.
  6. A

    Racing quad FPV chase with my brother!

    A short video of recent clips of me and my brother (who has just started the hobby and is already hooked!) flying are mini quads together at a local field. My brother has just started flying fpv and was flying his Emax nighthawk 200 and i was chasing him with my diatone 250. We didn't do...