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superb :) love it
I've been using a wing cam up untill now but i want to give it a go.
looking at getting FPV kit so i can try cockpit flights :) any suggestions on a start up kit


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Good! Purpose of my videos is to motivate more people to start flying FPV formation, combat ,etc. For starter kit, I suggest you go to where groups of FPV flyers hangout (drone races, rc club) or hobby shop that carry FPV equipment to try different ones yourself. Depending on want you prefer the combinations are endless. Do you want to fly using a monitor, a head mounted display, goggles, with or w/o head tracking, resolution, range, etc. You will need to experience it to find what you like. Videos online are not good representations of what it feels like under goggles.

Flitetest has great info on starting out in FPV, you should check out those first so you understand the basics:

I was committed to FPV so I tried different ones out and commit to the best one I can buy last year. I thought starting from one and upgrading as I go would end up costing a lot more then just sticking with one I like. My system would serve well for at least several years.
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