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frsky taranis

  1. 8

    Motor issues!!! Please help!

    Hi all, First of all, I am extremely happy to be part of this ever growing community! Flite test has certainly played a major role in doing that! I am having motor sync issues. I scratch built my first ever quad - a 250 frame. I have put my specs at the bottom of this thread. Basically, I am...
  2. ofiesens2

    Taranis or DX6?

    I may be getting ahead of myself (this is my 2nd year of flying and I only have the FT Flyer, Nutball, and Delta), but I am looking for a new, programmable transmitter for a reasonable price. My top 2 picks are the FrSky Taranis and the new Spektrum DX6. I do plan on getting some more planes...
  3. RoyBro

    I'm Cursed

    I've come to the conclusion that I am cursed perpetually with bad timing. I have a long history of examples, but the two most recent examples are: 1. Last week I got the last item I need to finish building my Bixler 2 radio controlled airplane, and then I promptly fried my RC transmitter. 2...