Motor issues!!! Please help!


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Hi all,

First of all, I am extremely happy to be part of this ever growing community! Flite test has certainly played a major role in doing that!

I am having motor sync issues. I scratch built my first ever quad - a 250 frame. I have put my specs at the bottom of this thread.

Basically, I am running a naze 32 rev 6 (I too had the 5v power issues and just removed the power cable while plugged to my pc) and am running beta flight. I managed to sync my motors perfectly fine on cleanflight and when I use the slider on cleanflight, they run absolutely fine.

However, when I try to use my TX (I am using a taranis x9d plus) to spin up the motors, motors 2 and 4 begin spooling up fast and keep gaining rpm and does not stop! I don't know if it is something to do with my TX?

I have tried everything and I am drawing up a blank (the only thing I have not done and not sure how to is to flash the ESCs). I have also updated my firmware on my TX to the latest version (I think it was 2.1.18).

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!


Build specs:
Quad size - 250mm
Motors - Emax 2204 2300kv
ESC - BLHeli 12A SimonK
TX - Frsky Taranis x9d plus
RX - X4R-SB (I have connected the telemetry too)
Battery - 1300mAh 3S
FC - naze 32 rev6


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That is normal. The motors are trying to correct the quads orientation, but have no effect if the quad is still on the ground. Take off quickly after you arm and it will be fine.


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I ended up putting Airmode on a switch. I have my 3 way mode switch mapped to Horizon mode in position 0 for that Oh crap I lost orientation moment as well as take off and landing FPV for now. The middle position 1 is set to arco mode for take off in acro mode so I don't have weirdness with motors spooling up, and finally position 3 which is Acro with airmode on.

Basically I connect the battery with it in Horizon mode, set it on the ground after it boots and binds, Set to acro mode to take off and as soon as its out of ground effect I turn on airmode and go do my thing. I also mapped throttle hold for that "I know I'm crashing" moment so I don't have motors on the ground trying to do stuff from airmode being confused and finally I mapped blackbox to the gear switch for logging flights.


As mentioned above, how are you arming?

If you're not using a switch (and doing a down to the right or something similar), the quad will arm into airmode and immediately try and execute a yaw (spooling up motors on opposite corners).

Even on a switch, if my quad isn't perfectly level when I go into airmode I'll still see one or two motors spool slightly higher than the others. It stops as soon as I leave the ground.


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Hi All,

Thanks for the speedy replies!

To answer your questions @Psyborg and @Ottopilot - I have put my arming on a switch. I have also included a switch for my various flight modes.

You are right that it does spool up opposite motors even though my quad is on a flat level surface (and I had already calibrated my accelerometer)

I have angle, horizon and acro modes included on the one switch, I will try taking off in the acro mode and see if it levels and stops wobbling around in the air (I need to sort out my PIDs next!)

Thanks again for all your input guys! Will let you know how I fare tonight!


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Lose either angle or horizon mode depending what your skill level is you don't really need both as they are the same feature with one limiting max angles more. I set mine up so Horizon is 0 position Acro is second position and that left the third position to togglen air mode so the quad isn't all retarded sitting on the ground as well as all bouncy when landing.


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Thanks again all who replied!

I did what you guys said and the quad flies beautifully!

I realised that the quad was oscillating a bit after take off so had to go back into cleanflight and reduce the I setting. A bit more tuning to do but pretty much nailed down now!

I already broke my props so waiting for my next shipment of them!