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ft corsair

  1. 20191105_215541.jpg


  2. corsair3.jpg


    Front view with mock engine cylinders in cowl.
  3. corsair1.jpg


    Removable wing
  4. W

    Help! FT corsair laser cutting plans

    Hello everybody, I know it might be a bit early, but I was wondering if somebody had converted the FT corsair pdf plans into a vector file that can be used to laser cut. I know it's a lot to ask, but living in Aus it's too expensive to get the speed build kit and I'm absolutely rubbish at...
  5. 100_6185.JPG


    Strips applied. Almost ready to paint.
  6. 100_6184.JPG


    Strips will be applied here to blend glue seams.
  7. 100_6183.JPG


    Arrows point to scrap paper coated with 3M Super 77.
  8. 100_6177.JPG


  9. 100_6176.JPG


    Checking fit of wing and stabilizers.
  10. 100_6175.JPG


    Main Wing complete less paint and servos.
  11. 100_6173.JPG


    Leading edges taped down until the glue sets.
  12. 100_6172.JPG


    Holding the bottom wing skin angle until it dries.
  13. 100_6171.JPG


    Having the tape holding the leading edge in place allows to bottom wing skin angle to line up so I can easily fold it back to apply glue to the spar. Much easier than dripping glue into the wing cavity trying to get it where it needs to go.
  14. 100_6170.JPG


    Bottom Skin Folded back to apply glue. Note the tape holding it in place. This will allow quick and easy skin alignment after glue applied.
  15. 100_6169.JPG


    Aligning the bottom skin and taping leading edge for fast alignment when glue applied.
  16. 100_6168.JPG


    Prepping bottom skin
  17. 100_6167.JPG


    Skinning the Wing
  18. 100_6166.JPG


    Building the main wind spars
  19. Jetcrafter_2000

    FT Corsair with flaps and lights

    Hi guis! In my main projekt (Dc3) i runned out of glue so i decided to built something else over the weekend. I like the shape of the corsair and i ever wanted to have a warbird :D. Anyway i had the problem, that you can´t get a 4 channel reciver from Multiplex and at the FT Corsair the ailerons...