Help! FT corsair laser cutting plans


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Hello everybody,
I know it might be a bit early, but I was wondering if somebody had converted the FT corsair pdf plans into a vector file that can be used to laser cut. I know it's a lot to ask, but living in Aus it's too expensive to get the speed build kit and I'm absolutely rubbish at cutting by hand.
Many thanks


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A quick forum search delivered this thread which mentions Inkscape as a solution, it converts PDF to v chorus files for cutters.

Hopefully someone who has used it will be along to explain more.

Hi FDS, thank you so much for that reply. The only issue is that the method you have suggested would involve me being somewhat competent at using CAD based programs which i am most certainly not:cry::LOL:, it would be much easier for me if somebody out there had already prepared the plans and they could just send them to me/link them in the thread.


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What’s the working area of the laser you have access to?
These are formatted for 700x500mm

Hope it helps.


  • Corsair 4 Laser 1.dxf
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  • Corsair 4 Laser 2.dxf
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  • Corsair 4 Laser 3.dxf
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  • Corsair 4 Laser 4.dxf
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  • cosair 5.dxf
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