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ft simple storch

  1. P

    Ft simple storch climbs over half throttle

    Guys , any idea why my Ft simple storch climbs over half throttle ?
  2. T

    First Plane

    Hey everyone, I’m new here I just bought the Simple Storch kit a few weeks ago for my first ever plane. I got it all together and it flew a little rough the first time but after some repairs (from a crash) and some tuning, it now flys like a charm and I just ordered two more kits.
  3. L

    Just finished FT Simple Storch - first model biuld in 40 years.

    Hi All, Just wanted to say a big thanks for the top quality kit I purchased from FT. Took a while to get to AUS but it was worth the wait. Not even a fork Lift running over the corner of box could destroy this foam board wonder. As you can see from the pic the livery I selected was of a...
  4. J

    Australian built Scratch Build Simple Storch

    Hi folks, This is my second attempt at a scratch build. The first was a Swappable Spitfire but I got just about everything you can wrong! Used fence wire for push rods( no - not a good idea). Discovered why tail heavy planes dont fly twice - you name it. But hey I'm learning. Foam board in...
  5. J

    Ft simple storch

    Here the new member in the hanger with fully functional Bombay door.
  6. S

    6mm Depron FT Simple Storch... The journey begins.

    Hi All, Well, having had some issues with UK foam board and weight, I decided to take the plunge and get 10 sheets of Depron. I was so pleased to hear, on the podcast, about Peters idea/plan to adapt some of the FT designs, and I figured I'd have a go and start the ball rolling. So this is the...
  7. BanditJacksRC

    FT Simple Storch.. First Build - First RC Flight - First Forum Post.. EVER!

    First build, first flight, first forum post! I have never built or flown any RC plane before, but wanted to get into the hobby. I came across FT after doing some research online, and like many others I immediately was infatuated with the Foam Board planes. I decided to build a Vans RV-10 from...
  8. mikewings

    FT Simple STORCH - Maiden Flight

    My first FB build and flight of the FT Simple Storch.. I really love the way it flies.. Short Video only.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fr7iUjN1DdA Mike Willey Oakland, Maine