Australian built Scratch Build Simple Storch


Supreme Commander
Hi folks,

This is my second attempt at a scratch build. The first was a Swappable Spitfire but I got just about everything you can wrong! Used fence wire for push rods( no - not a good idea). Discovered why tail heavy planes dont fly twice - you name it. But hey I'm learning. Foam board in Australia is rather heavier than that in the US so it flies like a bus but we'll see. This video (my first successful maiden flight yay!) the plane has a 9'6' prop and I'm still waiting for the 10'4 (or whatever it is - yknow the ones that come with the power pack C) which I'm hoping will fly more efficiently.

I had motor (again whatever comes with the power pack C) running nearly full throttle through this flight so something not quite right but maybe its too heavy. Also, it kept going in circles on the ground but was ok once it was in the air. Think the wheels need to be aligned better!

Anyway, here tis!




Old and Bold RC PILOT
As for pushrods, I often use straightened paperclips especially for ailerons. For larger spans I have often used Paper clips and skewers to get the job done.

I do a bit of design and prototyping so temporary structures or pushrods are part of the process. When a design is finished I do then utilise the more standard music wire or similar.

Adjust your thrust angle if the circles continue.