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First Plane


FT CAD Gremlin
Staff member
@Tyneu great job! Welcome to the Flite Test family. Your Storch looks great. Only suggestion I have is upgrade the wheels when you can. The foam board wheels work for a while, but they will wear out. There are some nice foam wheels on the FT Store that work great.


I know nothing!
Good job on your first plane. Looks great! It sounds like you're jumping right into flying as well. My first builds and flights were a complete debacle. You're doing really good! Keep us posted with your new builds and any questions you may have, and welcome to our Forum Family!

The Hangar

Well-known member
Great looking Storch, and congratulations on learning how to fly - it’s fun, isn’t it? You will like the simple soarer and edge. The edge is a challenge to fly, but my favorite ft build up to date, with the sea angel in close second. Might be a fun one to consider for the winter!


Well-known member
the Storch is definitely on my build list and one i considered and am still considering as my first plane in the air.. yours looks great. I hope mine turns out as well. at the rate i am going ill have many planes built before i fly even one.