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ft spear

  1. MEBF109

    Help! FT Spear Elevon not functioning

    I recently purchased the FT Spear -a pusher configuration wing-, and for some reason, I have not been able to make the elevons work. My remote, a Spektrum DX6 should be able to handle wings, and I have tried 2 different receivers, both also made by Spektrum. However, both times, my elevator...
  2. duckduckgoose

    Ft Arrow Spear Conversion

    So a while ago I built a 120% mini arrow, which is fairly close in size to the FT Spear. It's a great flying plane but as arrow owners would understand, there isn't a lot of strength in the pod keeping the two wing halves supported, and they tend to get a spongy feeling. I crashed recently and...
  3. duckduckgoose

    Best long range power setup for FT spear

    Hi all, so I'm about half way through my second FT SPEAR build and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a long range power setup. In my last build I had a sunnysky 2216 1250kv motor spinning a 9x4.5 inch prop powered by a 3200mah 4s. This setup did get me around 20 minutes of flight...
  4. Light Saber Spear.jpg

    Light Saber Spear.jpg

    The Light Saber Spear early evening Flite Fest
  5. B

    Building a 250% FT Spear, need help with wing construction!

    Hi Guys, As the title suggests, I'm building a giant 250%, FT Spear. I have no idea how to build the wings as I have no large enough depron sheets. In the original 100% plasn the wings are made from single sheets of brown foam board but as the plans are gigantic I'm unable to make the wing...
  6. F

    Hello and quick question

    Hello all, first post here. Been looking around a lot and would like to do a scratch build of the FT Spear. Question: I have a Emax 1470kv motor and some 8X4 props. Can these be used with the Spear? Thanks for any feedback or opinions. Hope to most more around here as I get some projects going.