1. M

    My simple cub

    well this is the simple cub i was able to build from scratch its my first ever build so its not perfect but it can fly i think it can i didn't gave it dihedral the setup im using is a 40 amp esc a 2200 mah battery A2212 1400 kv motor along with 9g servos and a 10 inch prop i would really...
  2. flyinsparky

    Settings for Maiden on my Simple Cub with Flysky FS-I6X?

    I am ready to maiden my first build, a 3-channel FT Simple Cub. I have a only a little experience, some simulator time, and a few dozen flights logged on my Night Vapor RTF (with no SAFE enabled.) I am a bit nervous for my first flight and was wondering if I could get some help for settings for...
  3. E

    FT Simple Cub, scratch build

    Downloaded the plans, changed few stuff (mounted the tail servos at the back).. sent them to the local laser cutting service.3d printed the firewall. Built it in 2 hours... Love it
  4. P-loco85

    Mid Wing Cub Style

    I saw a fellow member and he made a mid wing simple cub. (sorry cant remember name) have anyone else attempted this design? very curious as I believe it looks amazing. I'm working on my own Cub style trainer and would love to reuse the fuselage design and make a mid wing option. Sort of...
  5. B

    FT simple cub

    I am super excited about the FT Simple Cub! I hope that it comes out soon because it just looks awesome and looks like it will fly awesome! Does anyone else feel the same way? Does anyone know if Flite Test plans to do a Flite Fest South?