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FT simple cub

I am super excited about the FT Simple Cub! I hope that it comes out soon because it just looks awesome and looks like it will fly awesome! Does anyone else feel the same way? Does anyone know if Flite Test plans to do a Flite Fest South?


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Welcome to the forums Bradley!

Yeah, that Simple Cub looks to be easily modifiable too, which is going to lead to a whole lot of cool similar looking but just slightly different designs floating around! Very exciting! :applause:

And from listening in to the FT podcasts over the last couple months, I think the chances of a Flite Fest South are very high - it's the timing that's a big unknown. FT has proven they can take the festival on the road - which is excellent! - but in each area they still have to scout / secure a location and do a good bit of prep work. I don't think we'll hear too much about FF South plans until after FF East is wrapped up - but I'd be eager to come down for one this fall!


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It's funny, I have been wondering for years why FT never made a cub. So simple and robust. And I doubt they will be having a FTFF south. This year.....:)
I wouldn't count on that...

I'm not sure if final details have been ironed out, but as soon as they are, I'm making a clearing in my schedule.