Mid Wing Cub Style


I saw a fellow member and he made a mid wing simple cub. (sorry cant remember name)
have anyone else attempted this design?

very curious as I believe it looks amazing. I'm working on my own Cub style trainer and would love to reuse the fuselage design and make a mid wing option.

Sort of combining Simple Scout Wing with Simple Cub fuselage.

Any pics or thoughts?


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As long as your angle of incidence is relatively neutral you can mount your wing pretty much anywhere vertically along the fuse, but if you start moving it laterally you could run into CG issues.


yes I will.

I'm going to start this week and document the process.

I still have the fuselage I designed using


but the wing area and elevator areas seem small to me. so I think I will enlarge the areas for that project. I based it on a 30inch wing span and trainer style. that may of been why. not sure still learning this whole design parameters.

maybe I made it too narrow and long as my rudder was only 1 to 1.25 inch wide


this is the fuselage I'm going to base my cub style mid wing on.


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