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FT Simple Cub, scratch build

Awesome, just wondering what is the cost for 2 sheet of DTFB ? Do they cut what we need like single bevel, 50% score ?
I live in cairo/egypt/Africa.. The cost of the foam board 1000X700mm is around $2.8.. Laser cutting cost here is very cheap. They charge me $0.18/min of cutting. This plane took 10 mins to cut.. I set the cutting to two levels, full cut, and another level for a very quick and light score that just barely cuts the upper paper. I use this to mark my 50% cuts, then I use my hobby knife to do the rest


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Downloaded the plans, changed few stuff (mounted the tail servos at the back).. sent them to the local laser cutting service.3d printed the firewall. Built it in 2 hours...
That looks like it turned out great!
Good Job!

I'm out here shamelessly recruiting pilots for our new "Bush Plane Challenge"
Check it out if you haven't seen it yet. Your cub would be a perfect competitor!