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    Prop/Motor Matching for FTSpitfire FPV

    I'm having some difficulty selecting a prop for my current FTSpitfire FPV setup. I have been running multiple Suppo BL-2217/7 motor/APS 6x5SF prop combos from Altitude Hobbies recommended specifically for the Flite Test swappable aircraft quite happily on various FTSpitfires and FTMustangs for...
  6. S

    Beginner lookin for a little help

    Updated with an additional question- 9/19/14 And again on 9/28/14 Hi, and thanks for reading! Anyways, i purchased a hobbyzone champ about a month ago, flew till the wing's came off, repaired them, then broke them again (It does NOT like flying inverted to much....) and I'm looking into...