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Prop/Motor Matching for FTSpitfire FPV


Junior Member
I'm having some difficulty selecting a prop for my current FTSpitfire FPV setup. I have been running multiple Suppo BL-2217/7 motor/APS 6x5SF prop combos from Altitude Hobbies recommended specifically for the Flite Test swappable aircraft quite happily on various FTSpitfires and FTMustangs for over a year now without incident. I was surprised when I put FPV gear (previous generation Eagletree Systems OSD Pro, etc.) and saw the amps rise up to 45+ at just over half throttle, way, way higher at full throttle at takeoff. Either something is wrong with my current sensor, or I have a horribly mismatched motor/prop combo here. Perhaps I'm missing something else? I attempted to look at various prop/motor calculator utilities online, but I'm really confused.

Fully loaded, the plane doesn't weigh much more with the FPV gear than a regular FTSpitfire. I'm using a 2200mAh, 3S LiPo.

Motor: http://www.flybrushless.com/motor/view/236
Looking at the chart, the GWS HD 8x4 appears to be the best fit based on numbers.

OSD Video: https://youtu.be/zZEunwhoWvM

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!