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Beginner lookin for a little help

Updated with an additional question- 9/19/14 And again on 9/28/14

Hi, and thanks for reading!

Anyways, i purchased a hobbyzone champ about a month ago, flew till the wing's came off, repaired them, then broke them again (It does NOT like flying inverted to much....) and I'm looking into getting a second plane. My main 2 questions would be-

1. I was thinking about getting the FT Spitfire as I hear its a fairly ok 4 channel trainer (i don't mind repairing it if i screw up a few times), Is this a decent first 4 channel.

2. Transmitter. Looking to only pay about 70$ for a Tx and local hobby shop only has the Spektrum 5e for 60$, but I'm also looking at a 6i on craigslist that the guy is willing to let go for 80$ but I've heard about the futaba's(dont know what the difference is)so would it be worth the extra money or just get the one on Craigs List (assuming it works).

add-on - 9/19/2014

I've got everything sorted and gonna order next week so i'm looking for some last minute changes. I went with the Spit/stortch speed build kit(actually gifted to me, by an aviation friend, and still gonna try my hand at scratch cutting DTFB with plans, for repairs at the very least)
as far as the power pod goes, i'm gonna use the 1200kv recommended motor, with the 25amp ESC and the 2200 3s Turnigy Li-po's(this power pod sounds like it will work with the Storch and spit pretty well, comments welcome)

ypdate 9/29/14

If anyone looks at this just an update. Scored a Dx6i, adn a Dx5e for 70$ both in working order (atleast when tested on Phoenix flight sim), except missing a few switches. A little solder and 4 switches from Radio shack (total 20$) and i now have a buddy box system to teach a couple friends on (just finished building the spit and storch and they already wanna fly them) All i gotta do is order my parts from HBYKing (mostly recommended) and build the power pods! I'm also already of thinking of patterns and colors to paint them as well (lets hope i don't crash so much and can paint them!)
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The DX6i is a pretty solid choice for a first transmitter that you can keep for quite a while. You might want to take a look at the Storch as well as the Spitfire.
The spitfire is fairly easy to fly once you are a bit experienced. I loved my until it reached its end. It is quite a high performance plane and one of the more difficult ones to build. I agree that the Storch looks like a bit tamer choice to move up to.


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Get that DX6i if you still can, it is a solid radio with features you will want sooner rather than later. I like the versa wing as a good solid platform that flies great in tractor configuration, the battery and pod help to keep you stable, even in a stall it will level right out for you. The build process is way easier than a Spitfire or Stortch and will help you gain experience towards building those down the road.


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+1 for the Storch. It was originally meant to be the long awaited FT Trainer, but a little profile change and the FT Storch was born.

As for the transmitter, I would normally recommrnd the Taranis over anything based on price and value alone. But if it's good working order, I can't argue with that price. Does it come with any receivers? Spektrum receivers start at around $29 and go up from there. If not you might be better off getting something like an FS-T6. It's about $55, comes with a receiver, and receivers start at $6. So far I've not seen a poor review of this transmitter.


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I have had an OrangeRx T-Six for about a year now and I have had no real complaints/issues with it. It is my first radio and so far it's been able to do everything I've needed it to do.


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As Roybro said the fst6 is a good tx for cheap, and, not to bash on spektrum, but once you go into the higher end ones, you would be paying more or fairly close to the price of the plane for a 9 channel reciever. Still though, only 80$ is pretty hard to come by if it is in complete working order. Now to the planes. The storch is a magnificent trainer, the only thing is the build (not to hard, but...) If you are in the mood, blunt nose versa, or plain versa are relatively easy to fly and repair.


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Nutball transition to Spitfire

nutball.jpg Here is an idea. Build a Nutball. The basic airplane is only 2 pieces. The easiest build you can imagine and it flys great. You will have it flying in no time and it will polish your skills for the Spitfire. You can be flying the Nutball while you take your time on the Spitfire. In the photo you can see the radio I use. It is an Orange radio form Hobby King. Great radio, just kind of hard to get. (Hobby King makes it that way) The Spectrum you mentioned will be just fine.

Good luck,


My E-mail stoped notifying me after the second post about new posts (my fault, oops)

Thanks for the Reply's, I ended up not getting that 6i, but im gonna spend a few weeks looking to see if i can snag one for about that price, when i saw the orange Tx i first thought "too ugly, but dang the price" then wondered if it even exists, cant find it in-stock or second hand anywhere lol. The orange seems like a pretty good idea, since I don't plan on doing anything more than flaps and flying only 1-3 of the swappable series, possibly with the same power-pod (damn you college) as far as builds go, I'm thinking of buying a pack (25 sheets) of DTFB and trying my hand at hand cutting the forms out.
I say start with the storch then fly the spit. The storch will be slower, easier, and more forgiving. Once you get good with the storch, move onto the spit. As for the radio, keep in mind that the orange tx is dsm2 not dsmx. I wouldn't trust it at events. If its still available (and your sure it works) go with the dx6i. Its spektrum quality, and dsmx.


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I love the fs-t6, and it is an extremely easy programmable transmitter. It has less functions, but still has quite a few. It is the best for 55$, in my opinion.
A good substitute can be purchased from hobbypartz.com . The brand name is FLYSKY ...the radio is known simply as the fst6. you can get 'em for around 55.00. This radio works well and has an led screen , elevon mixing and a bunch of other stuff, like 20 model memory (but no timer!!). I'm just a noob myself but i like the rx for the price .
In regards to your updated questions... Are you only getting 2s batteries or did you mean to put 3s? I haven't tried it but I don't know how well the spit or storch would fly on 2s. I would recommend upgrading to 3s. That charger looks like it would work, but have you checked other ones out? I don't know how much that one costs but for about $30 you can get a good one from hobbyking. That charger looks like it has deans connectors on it. What connectors are you using for your batteries? An adapter is easy enough to make if you know how to solder. Hope this helps.
Yea, I meant 3s. Going to the Local RC hobby shop this week to see what they have in battery chargers as they say they have quite a few. Also Soldering is no problem (when your dad worked as an electrician for 5 years, you pick a few things up :D) Only thing left now is a Tx...... I let a Dx6i get away for 65$ and i've yet to see one (in working order) for less than 100 since, so im still looking/waiting. between building and getting the electronics i figure i have about 2 weeks before I really need a transmitter to fly.
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