1. Gaz.Spencer

    Can you make an airboat that carries a person with a weedeater engine?

    Well we set out to answer that question, and had a whole lot of fun in the process, here's some videos detailing our endeavor.
  2. L

    Gas and glow Mixings/ HHHEEEEEEELP!?

    Hi, i was looking at some gas engines and was wondering a few things.#1 I saw a cox engine that said "25% nitro" does this mean oil or what.#2 What is the mixing of oil to gas for nitro engines?#3 I was looking at a couple of "vintage" engines on ebay. They did not say anything about gas or...
  3. L

    Gas or glow?

    Hi all, i have never flown anything gas or glow and was wondering if y'all could give me a few tips. Like, what are the differences? and what would happen if you put gas in a glow engine?
  4. R

    Changing Batteries Without the Help of Human Hands

    I think it would be really significant and cool if a drone or rc plane could connect to new batteries and toss the old batteries without a person touching it. I want to see a drone pull a pony express and swap batteries on its own over a flying course. Of course I don't mean just installing an...
  5. D

    Gas to Electric Equivalent

    Hi Folks! Long time FliteTest fan, first time poster. I'm doing my first build! Yay! I've always wanted to build a nice balsa plane. I hope I haven't jumped in at the deep end. This is the plane I'm building. I should be fine on the actual construction part, but I'm struggling with the power...
  6. J

    unknown PT-19 ??????

    hi just a simple post wanting to know if anyone can identify what make this model (eg. brand) because i picked it up at an auction and have no clue also would a OS .46 la be enough to run it wingspan = 55'' 140cm fuse = 42'' 108cm if more pics needed i will provide any help is much...
  7. jsut210

    Good Plane For a 31cc Gas Engine

    So about a month ago, I ran into a ryobi weed eater that was being tossed. Being fascinated with anything mechanical, I snatched the thing right up and got her running great again. Now that I have this massive engine, what plane could I put it on? I'm looking to scratch build one out of the...