Can you make an airboat that carries a person with a weedeater engine?


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A great starting point. If you're interested in improving the design, I'd consider moving everything aft about a foot (maybe not even that much) so that the bow rides higher. Your rudder could be wider as well, giving you a little more control at the slower speeds you're traveling. Additionally, I think a larger prop or a 3-blade prop would give you better performance. It doesn't sound like the motor is being worked very hard here, but I'm no expert on little gas powered aircraft engines.


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Nice start as Tench says guys.

Two things I would change before your next outing though.

First and most important... turn that motor 180 degrees to a pusher configuration. It will get the motor out of tbe way and push more air. Also if that prop ever comes off it wont chop the back of your skull off before it disintegrates.

Second I would change the mouting hardware to bolts n nuts. You could see the whole thing flexing and moving around. Wood screws wont hold for long I am afraid.

Looking forward to the upgrades and changes.


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Wow great build, just a few things that i think should maybe see some modification. First i would not want the back of my cranium that close to a spinning propeller blade, it just screams dangerous. Flipping that around and putting a prop guard on it might make it a bit safer. Second, i noticed when you were going into the little wind waves, they were almost over your bow. I would try making the prow of the boat a bit larger or as @Tench745 suggested, moving everything back.


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If you want to move better, forget the jon boat configuration. A canoe with little outriggers will treat you right.

+10 on the safety. Watch yourself please.