gopro hero 3

  1. RedTwenty

    When CG measurements go wrong...

    I thought I would put this video in here as a lesson to all of us to check (and then double check) the CG measurement when designing a new model. This is my 1360mm modified Versa Wing FPV platform and this was supposed to be the triumphant maiden flight. At the time it was carrying a FatShark...
  2. RedTwenty

    FPV Wing - Modified Versa Wing

    G'day from Australia! :D I've got an article in the waiting on the FT main site and you can see the full build on my own site at but I just wanted to share a quick image of my latest project... It's a bit of a hybrid, taking the basic concept of the Versa Wing, extending the...
  3. D

    Another Pool Company Installation Video utilizing my QAV500

  4. S

    Best GoPro FPV Set-up's in UK

    Just ordered all the parts for my new Tricopter, using David's V2.6 design. Eventually I'll be heading into aerial video and FPV using a GoPro. And I also love the goggles for screens. Any thoughts on set-ups available in the UK?
  5. RotateB4TheEnd

    My First Quadcopter Experiences

    Hey all, At the beginning of the summer, my grandpa approached me and said that he'd like me to hunt down a quadcopter for him that he could fly and use for aerial photography. This would be my first quad and his first RC project. Here is a fraction of my experience with the quad. I chose the...
  6. K

    thinking of moving from goprohd2 to the gopro3 black edition.....are the bugs fixed?

    wanting to upgrade from goprohd2 to the gopro 3 black edition.... is it still buggy? i've flown the original gopro, and have two of the hd2 gopros but i've been wanting to upgrade to the gopro3 black edition but have been hesitant due to earlier reports of firmware bug issues like freezing...
  7. F

    More H Quad Videos

  8. F


    Just Having some fun ... at lunch time..;)
  9. F

    YC 14 GoPro Hero 3 onboard..

  10. T

    GoPro Hero 3 First Flight Video

    Here is my first flight video using my New GOPRO Hero 3 Camera and My Bumble Bee Quad Nothing fantastic Just a test flight Bumblee quad is Stock with a 3 cell 2200 mah (20C) lipo Camera Mount is from Hobby King You can see me tilt the camera up and down in the video. Im just getting into...