When CG measurements go wrong...


I thought I would put this video in here as a lesson to all of us to check (and then double check) the CG measurement when designing a new model.
This is my 1360mm modified Versa Wing FPV platform and this was supposed to be the triumphant maiden flight.
At the time it was carrying a FatShark 5.8ghz 250mw transmitter and GoPro Hero3. Fortunately everything, including the model, survived without a scratch on it.

Anyway, on with the comedy...

You can catch up with the full build articles and more at http://www.red20rc.org



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Hate it when that happens, especially on maiden. I'm usually torn between "Yay! it flies!" and "Oh, Crap! how am I going to get this down in one peice!"

Nice to hear it all survived -- Flying wings might be a handful, but they can take a beating like few other planes can!


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I'm amazed that you got it down with the CG that far back! Well, one piece... coming down was a given! Nice job!