thinking of moving from goprohd2 to the gopro3 black edition.....are the bugs fixed?


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wanting to upgrade from goprohd2 to the gopro 3 black edition.... is it still buggy?

i've flown the original gopro, and have two of the hd2 gopros but i've been wanting to upgrade to the gopro3 black edition but have been hesitant due to earlier reports of firmware bug issues like freezing and also more lag than with the hd2. does anyone know if this issue has been fixed with more recent firmware? if not i'm staying with my goprohd2!
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Was that only with the Black Edition? Or were the Silver and White editions having issues as well?


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good question! I'm very interested in the answer since I need to make a hole in the budget for a go pro to fill...


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the first time i update the firmware on the gopro 3 black edition.. was full of freeze.. i did updating an second time and i do not have freeze anymore.. :) go for it.. ;)


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I have the Hero2, Hero3 Silver Edition and Hero3 Black Edition, My Black would freeze when putting it in 1080p mode while taking 12MP photos every 5 seconds. Since the last firmware update its been solid and so far no freezing issue. Its been well over a month and I've done heaps of flying with and lots of great photos on my FB page. (I also have a number of videos on the Hero3 Cameras on my channel).

Now having said all the above I have had a number of people reporting there Hero3 Black Editions have still have the occasional Freezing issue.

That is my 2 cents worth on it.