FPV Wing - Modified Versa Wing


G'day from Australia! :D

I've got an article in the waiting on the FT main site and you can see the full build on my own site at www.red20rc.org but I just wanted to share a quick image of my latest project...

2013-11-30 22.55.40-960.jpg fpv-wing.jpg

It's a bit of a hybrid, taking the basic concept of the Versa Wing, extending the wings a little and then adding a recessed bay in the center like a Zephyr. All made from foam board of course!

Gear is OrangeRX 2.4ghz for the radio and FatShark AttitudeSD 5.8ghz/GoPro Hero3 for the vision. The power comes from a Turnigy NanoTech 2200 3-cell with a Turnigy 28mm inrunner on a 9x4 prop.

The only thing that will probably change before I put the goggles on for the first time are the FPV antennae - these will be replaced with circular tuned types (but they are still in the post!).

Hopefully I'll be able to get some video up soon.



Looks great!
Let us know how it flies

I built something similar a few weeks ago and it is super stable in the air. Eventually when I buy FPV gear this will be my go to FPV ship.
It started out as a pusher but then had to convert it to a tractor to balance it out. I will put 2 1800mah 3s batteries in parallel on the nose to help balance it out as a pusher.

What is your motor prop esc setup?

I am using a park 450 with a 9x6 prop and a 40A hobbyking blueseries ESC. It will fly forever at 1/4 throttle and crazy vertical full out.

The first pic compares it to the original versa wing

VWB3.JPG VWB2.JPG VWB1.JPG photo 3.JPG photo 2.JPG


I think I commented on your article Alex. That's a sweet looking wing.
The motor on mine is whatever I found lying around in this case it was a Turnigy 2858-2200 inrunner on a 9x4 prop. My biggest problem is that it's a fixed prop. Next time I stick an order in to HK I'll probably pick up a Park 480 and folding prop for it.

I think I have a pic somewhere of mine next to a standard Versa Wing - hang on...



Tried this one out this morning and nearly lost it!
Turns out I did the CG measurements wrong and was about 50mm too far back - ouch :rolleyes:

Found this on the internet - very cool tool: http://fwcg.3dzone.dk/


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