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  1. R

    I lost my tri-copter need advice on GPS return to home

    Hi I built a tri-copter the same as David's (rcexplorer.se) and managed to get 3 good flights out of it. The 4th flight was the last time I saw it. Basically I lost orientation and and it just got further away and it dropped into a farmers field and despite searching several times its gone...
  2. Rcplaneguy

    Sending camera and equipment to space

    hey forum users! I have had a recent desire to send my gopro (or other camera) to near space altitudes via a weather balloon. After much searching on YouTube and other websites, I have a basic list of what I need. They include weather balloon parachute camera(s) hot packs (keep equipment warm)...
  3. B

    GPS connection problems help

    I am just getting into fpv and I have run into a snag. I have major issues with My GPS, I am running Cyclopes OSD 1.5 and a 400mw 1.2 GHZ video system with a low pass filter and the only way I can get any GPS signal is by removing the OSD and GPS from the plane and moving the GPS as far from the...