Mini OSD System w/GPS & Teleporter 3


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Finally was able to wire it up last night.

Seems to work well.
Just used some servo extensions and a balance wire to read battery #2 voltage.

Not the smallest unit on the market but the price was right.

I used some 45cm servo extension cables.
Interesting as the system will not function till it is hooked into the video feed to the camera.

I wired the power and video to the back of the transmitter. Keeping everything together.

Full house. 2 power feeds, receiver signal strength, sat and video.

The video ground wire is a shield wire but once you remove the heat shrink you can solder easily.

Since I often run twin prop planes with 2 batteries I made a balance cable as well.
Red and black off the balance connector to the red & brown on the servo extension.

Testing the 2 battery setup.

Testing the GPS lock.
Had to go upstairs, but it locked in quickly, got the correct time and if I move the unit around I can go 500KPH.


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Thanks for this. I have the same OSD system but haven't figured out how ti wire it up yet. The Fatshark/ImmersionRC TX has a spare connector on the other side of it and I've seen information on the net that indicates that it can be used for this OSD. The problem is that I've never seen clear information on the pinout of the connector.

Can anyone provide this information?


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I believe the OSD needs to be run inline with the camera to work.

I tried applying power to the unit and taking the osd feed into my monitor and it did not work.
So I assume the OSD is using the camera's sync/video carrier to transmit.

Wiring is simple.

Here is a photo from HK showing what you need to see.

Video is coming off the camera (yellow and black) and connected to the OSD wires.
Similar concept off the power from the filter.

Hope that helps.



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Flashed my E-OSD last night.

Used the U-OSD software and firmware to totally enhance the displayed data.



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I really am thinking about getting an OSD when I go FPV this summer...I may have a lot of questions for you soon.


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Fire away. Glad to help.

Today I decided to upgrade the connector package. Specially after nearly blowing everything up by putting power upside down.

Using a 10pin connector. The OSD->TX cable is detachable so I can swap between the FS camera and GoPro.
As well the GPS so I can route everything cleanly.

osdwire1.jpg osdwire2.jpg


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GPS Upgrade VK2828A8G5

For sometime now I've fought with the GPS unit that came with my Mini OSD.

It would drop out during flights and often would never even sync up.

So it was time for a change.

I picked up a VK2828A8G5 GPS module off ebay for $10 Canadian.

IMG_5466.JPG IMG_5467.JPG



VCC (red wire) powered from RX (I used the RSSI plug), Ground (black wire) off the OSD (black wire).
GPS TX (blue wire) to the OSD (white wire).

I will clean up and make a combined harness next.
One thing I noticed is the old setup had a ground off the power feed from the RX and a ground from the OSD board.

I've opt to use only 1.


From my bench I was able to set the GPS module in the window and after supplying power it did lock in flashing a green light.

Once I knew the GPS was working I set the OSD board to 9600 and connected the blue wire from the GPS to the OSD.

It took a few attempts to make everything talk but this unit is indeed faster.

Looking forward to running it.

IMG_5613.JPG IMG_5615.JPG


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Andre I wonder if the backup battery died on your old GPS and if that would cause the intermittent issues?


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No. It was very old tech. It would fail in the air once the speed increased.
That was if I got a lock. I left the plane on my deck once and it took 7+ minutes to sync and even then it was not stable.

The new one is super fast.


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