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    Need trainer / bush plane

    Hey everyone im new to RC planes and am looking for a good bind and fly trainer or something not to hard to put together. I likely will do a bit of snow flying so i was thinking maybe a bush style plane? I was looking at something like a bixler 3 or a Durafly Tundra...
  2. H

    Build first quad copter, Need help!

    Hi, I am new to the RC community and i want to go into the quad copter. I am trying to figure out what parts i should buy. I want to build my quad so it can carry GoPro camera. I have found i think every thing i need but i am not sure if i am buying the right things or if i am missing...
  3. G

    Spektrum DX4e - Inquiry of a noob.

    I have recently purchased a HobbyZone - DeltaRay and it came with a DX4e i believe many of their other models come standard with this transmitter as well (Correct me if i'm wrong). This is my first hobby grade aircraft and i plan on buying another one except i would like to avoid buying an...
  4. I

    First Foamie Setup

    Hello all, I am very new to RC and hope to gain some insight from you more experienced flyers. A buddy and myself are going in on this project together, and after doing our homework we've come up with this list from hobby-king...
  5. X

    A good fun trainer?

    Heya community of flitetest ! I have a quire which i would love answer'd. "what is a good fun plane". I'm fairly new to the hole flying hobby but am fast learning. My fleet consists of some nine eagles gliders and a stryker (all of which I am pleased to say i'm capable of flying!) but was...