Spektrum DX4e - Inquiry of a noob.


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I have recently purchased a HobbyZone - DeltaRay and it came with a DX4e i believe many of their other models come standard with this transmitter as well (Correct me if i'm wrong). This is my first hobby grade aircraft and i plan on buying another one except i would like to avoid buying an advanced radio for the time being so what i am asking is, are there separate receivers compatible with the DX4e still being manufactured and sold?

To my understanding Spektrum has the DSM system like the DX4e, they also have the DSM2 DSMX systems. Are they all cross compatible or will only DSM receivers work with my radio? I've done some searching online and the only DSM Receivers that were not for cars were on eBay and were priced at a ludicrous amount if that's the only option i have, i would rather buy a new Transmitter.

I will Appreciate any feedback, Sincerely: GorillaRC

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Yes, All DSM2 and DSMX Receivers will work with the Dx4e, I have one, and like it a lot, but I have more advanced radios that I use more often.

Useful note, it is actually a 5 channel DX5e in a different case, with mechanical trims.


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its a great radio. i cant seem to get the full servo movement though even on high rates


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Does the receiver have to have 4 channels or could i use an 8 channel one just the same? also by all receivers does that mean Orange RX and 3rd party non Spectrum DSM2 receivers will work too?


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evidently, from what I can find on the net, the DX4e is really a 6 channel radio, as the AUX button controls a 5th channel in the typìcal "all or nothing" fashion, and the trainer button controls the 6th when no trainer plug is plugged in. Seeing as the trainer switch is a spring loaded push button, this can be changed later on for a normal 1P2T switch much the same a the AUX one is, and be used for something like landing gear or bomb release later on.