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hobby zone

  1. CatholicFlyer

    Planning To Build The Nieuport 24

    After I get back into flying by the way of the HobbyZone Champ airplane that @flitetest reviewed and re-learn, I plan on getting the Ross Foam Board from Walmart, if our Walmart has it in Western Kansas, then get some electronics and engine to make the World War One Irish Ace Edward Corringham...
  2. CatholicFlyer

    Planning RC Build The Whitehead No. 21 Monoplane

    From my scale non flying model, I will be getting the Chub from Hobby Zone and so I will be able to use the remote on other builds, if you ever searched early flying machines, this sucker is basically a flying boat and the wings and tail are shaped after bird wings and tail. The chub will be my...
  3. A

    Mini Super Cub engine not sounding right

    Could someone please tell me how to fix my engine? After I crashed it for the at least 20th time (on accident of course), it started to give off high-pitched whine. I am new to the hobby, so please don't get really technical please.
  4. C

    The Champ goes down.

    I am new to RC planes. I somehow came across Flite Test and it inspired me to try them out. I started out with a Hobby Zone Champ since it seemed like a good starter plane. My plane arrived yesterday and it was a bit windy but I decided to try it at the park, planning on trying a quick low...