Planning RC Build The Whitehead No. 21 Monoplane


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From my scale non flying model, I will be getting the Chub from Hobby Zone and so I will be able to use the remote on other builds, if you ever searched early flying machines, this sucker is basically a flying boat and the wings and tail are shaped after bird wings and tail. The chub will be my first RC Plane in years to get back flying, the Whitehead No. 21 from what I can tell from my scale model, might be either a five or six channel plane, flaps in wings and tail, then have to cut a section of the rear of the plane to be the rudder, then dual engines.

Here is a up close of the Replica.

Will be looking for some foam board and more hot glue sticks. So if you have any advice on how to properly trace and cut out those weird wings, I have the downloaded RC Plan, but isn't very clear, had to use the video to build my scale version.


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