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  1. S

    Sport Cub S 2 500mah Battery Upgrade 3D Printed

    Hi all- new here! Just wanted to share the bracket I designed and printed to accommodate the EFlite 500mah 1s on my Sport Cub S 2. I now get around 20 minutes of flight time! It’s definitely slower with the larger battery… but hey as a beginner I don’t mind that…. Printed with white PLA and...
  2. Codyprice0295

    Brag about your RC!

    New to RC or sUAS. Open Forum or introductions who are you? what plane do you fly? When did you start? War stories? Helpful info?
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  4. Webb RC

    Seff 2019 With Horizon Hobby and Flex Innovation

  5. CheckMySix

    What do you want to fly tomorrow? Draco Wilga Gas or Electric?

    The amazing Mike Patey is working with Horizon Hobby on some projects. Likely a Draco is one of them. God please! If so, should it be an electric or gaser? Personally, I think the market is much wider for electric but gas and the weight that goes with them could give them more options. I'm...
  6. W

    Questions on Broken Servos - UMX Radian

    So my umx radian just ate some turf (attempted inverted flight may or may not have been responsible for said turf-eating, but regardless...) and the only thing that seems to not be working after a full throttle nosedive is the servos on the motherboard. No input from the controller will move...
  7. B

    Inductrix Pro Issue

    Hello everyone, I'm having a very annoying issue with my new Inductrix pro FPV which has been racking my brains for a couple of days now. I have bound my Taranis (with Orange Rx Module) to the quad but when i go into the Receiver tab in Betaflight the Roll slider is stuck at the one end. I...
  8. Liam B

    Vendors at Flite Fest '16

    Hey everyone, Was wondering if anyone knows what vendors are going to be at Flite Fest. I have really wanted to buy a Carbon Z Cub and I was wondering if Horizon Hobby would be there so I could buy one. I would buy one now but can't bring it with me on a plane! Thanks!
  9. AudioCyclist

    A less than successful Sportsman S+ maiden flight

    Greetings, As I review and edit, I realized that this is also a review of the Sportsman S+. I encourage all who read this to respond with helpful suggestions and if I made mistakes, correction. I further encourage Horizon Hobby to respond (hello Mike), as I would enjoy their feedback. I greatly...
  10. H

    Beware of Horizon Hobby's SAFE system!

    I owned a Horizon Hobby SAFE enabled Delta Ray for about two months and it was an amazing airplane until yesterday! I was out flying it in ideal conditions at my local flying spot. I had flow the Delta many times with great success and it did help me learn to fly, however yesterday it let me...
  11. JimCR120

    Kudos to Horizon Hobby

    For many of us it was that first episode of Flite Test that struck a nice chord that resonated in us. There is a definite different quality in the show and many people connect with it. But I would venture to say that it wasn't just another show we were looking for but rather we were attracted to...
  12. fliteadmin

    First shipment from Horizon Hobby.

    Today we received our first shipment of product from Horizon Hobby. Joab was pretty excited! Unfortunately the first HH sponsored episode won't air until mid-November. Well... now we have some work to do! Thanks Steve!