Inductrix Pro Issue


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Hello everyone,

I'm having a very annoying issue with my new Inductrix pro FPV which has been racking my brains for a couple of days now.

I have bound my Taranis (with Orange Rx Module) to the quad but when i go into the Receiver tab in Betaflight the Roll slider is stuck at the one end. I have also changed the stick min/max to go from 1000 to 2000 with a centre of 1500.


All the other controls are fine and i know my radio is ok as i have been flying my other quads and planes with it.

If anyone can offer some help it would be very much appreciated.



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You are not using the same model profile as you are on the others are you?

I have done that before.. copied a model and not create a new model. That can produce interesting and VERY confusing happenings.


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Nope, it's a brand new model. I think it could be a dodgy board on the inductrix as I've been trying everything in the various videos online and nothing seems to help.


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Does the TX channel monitor show the same? Are the channels reversed perhaps?