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  1. thenated0g

    RC Keith CNC Hot Wire build log

    Been looking at this build for over a year and finally decided to buy the parts and start working on it. Link to website i am using with lots of good articles on everything: http://www.rckeith.co.uk/cnc-hot-wire-foam-cutter/ This is the same plans that Dave Foster (hazard wings) and Defiant...
  2. Jetcrafter_2000

    Hotwire template

    Hi guys! I already tested out several materials (wood, cardboard and metal) but every time i got stuck at a notches or scratches. Which material do you use for hotwire templates? I could use metal sheets but that would be pretty expensive in the end and i don´t want to spend a whole week in...
  3. B

    First electronics, first scratch build, first crash

    Hi Guys, I just had my first experience building and trying to make it fly. I've been watching FliteTest videos for months now and would like to thank them for making the R/C plane hobby more approachable. My plan is to scratch build the FT Flyer and learn from there but i got impatient waiting...
  4. RCrazy


  5. Bigshow4u

    Home Made Hotwire WITHOUT using Nicrome wire.

    noticed there were no tutorials on how to make a hotwire so i decided to help out. Here is a video i made of mine. Enjoy!