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Hotwire template

Hi guys!
I already tested out several materials (wood, cardboard and metal) but every time i got stuck at a notches or scratches.
Which material do you use for hotwire templates?
I could use metal sheets but that would be pretty expensive in the end and i don´t want to spend a whole week in building templates.

Every help is welcome! :confused:
I haven't used a hot wire for making plane parts. I think the materials you have used should be fine. You may need to spend a little more time refining the templates so that they don't have things that will catch the wire. Maybe a hardboard/Masonite sort of material would work since it is a stabilized product without grain, but easy to work like wood.

I would cut the raw template out leaving plenty of material outside the line, and then sand it down to the line. As you get to the line switch to finer sandpaper until you are polishing the edge. This should eliminate the hang ups. I don't know if there is a wax that would resist the temperature of the wire, but lubricating the templates may help as well.


Drinker of coffee, Maker of things
I have had the most successful using aluminum flashing. Cut with scissors and sand it smooth. Very cheap.


Cardboard Boy
I make my templates in carboard with aluminium tape.
I sometimes put a bit of cyano glue at the trailing edge to make it a bit stronger.


Drinker of coffee, Maker of things
On my f-100 i decided to use thin plywood. I had a similar problem as above where it would catch on the wood. It was actually burning itself into the wooden templates and catching and burning holes in the foam. Next time i try wood i will try your super glue idea on the edges, but i think next time i try something other than aluminum flashing i will try melamine covered wood and see how that deals with the heat.
That was excactly my problem, the hot wire burnes into the template.
I also thought about using aluminium tape but i didn´t thougt that it will actually work.
I thought it will just be stuck at the round edges were you have to cut into the alutape so i didn´t tryed it out but it sounds good!

Thank you!